Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend update

Sunday, for the first time in my life, I completely forgot about the time change! I knew it was coming and even tried to justify a weekend-long beach party to celebrate it, but Saturday night we babysat Riley so from about 6 p.m. on we didn't leave the house or watch TV or sit at a computer or do anything else that might have reminded us, and at bedtime adjusting our clocks didn't even cross our mind.

Sunday morning we woke up with (we thought) plenty of time to cook a bull's eye/bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich hybrid that Matt had been wanting to try. As we lazily lay there thinking about food and loving the fact that fresh air was blowing in through open windows, Matt suddenly realized it wasn't 9:30 a.m. but 10:30 a.m.

Oops! No church for us. Instead it was a Stephen Davey morning, supplemented with strawberries and coffee and Matt's creation. (I like this from a website with some of his sermons: "In an age where many are expounding on life and illustrating with Scripture, Stephen is committed to expounding on Scripture and illustrating with life.")

Afterward we read on the porch for a while and then went over to Stephen's to watch the Carolina-Duke game and enjoy an all-afternoon-into-the-evening cookout.

It was a perfect day. I even slipped a "Beat Duke" pin onto Riley for a few minutes until Matt and Stephen noticed and threw a fit.

While throwing the football I jammed my left ring finger and couldn't get my wedding band off before the swelling was too bad. A few minutes later Matt jammed the same finger but did get his ring off before it swelled. And then a few minutes later he probably broke his toe. This is why God created shoes.

His finger looks terrible but his toe feels much worse -- I don't know when he'll be able to run again. He did say it was better today, though, so maybe it will turn out to just be jammed too.These pictures don't do the swelling and bruising justice, but trust me, in real life they look pretty gross. Especially Matt's.


Melody said...

That finger of Matt's definitely looks broken. Did he go to the Dr? Yours doesn't look great since it's purple, but better than his!

Kaitlin said...

you BOTH hurt your hands??? talk about a perfect match. hope you're okay. =)

Amanda said...

"I even slipped a "Beat Duke" pin onto Riley for a few minutes until Matt and Stephen noticed and threw a fit." <-- That made me laugh out loud.

I can verify that picture doesn't do your finger justice!

Libba Roberts said...

aaaaahh!! you're like the couple who has to share everything - even injuries! it's sort of funny, but i'm sorry your fingers (and matt's toe) got hurt! neat photo-op though!