Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunny and warm

So much for blogging every day this month. I could have posted a quickie just before midnight and kept the dream alive, but I decided I didn't care. It's not like there's a cash incentive for finishers.

I have serious spring fever! This weather is unbelievable! I'm very happy to be writing this on the porch while Matt reads beside me. Yesterday we ate lunch outdoors at Dog Nation, which had closed for the winter. Actually, I think yesterday was its first day back open. It was as delicious as ever. All of us left work a couple of hours early; the guys played basketball and I ran at the reservoir. My legs were exceptionally tired so I only went four miles and decided to rest them today. It's kind of a shame to miss running in this weather, but upper 70s and sunny will soon be the norm.

This morning we moved our downstairs guest bed and the TV from that room upstairs into the bonus room, which means we now have two beds in that room -- a queen and a double. It's a little crowded but not terrible. We thought about taking the second bed apart and just storing it, but we have more spare room in the bonus room than in our attic.

The downstairs guest room will become the nursery, but so far all that's in it are the dresser and chest-of-drawers that were Matt's (which Terry and I are going to paint), a bookshelf, and the hope chest that was upstairs until this morning. We didn't really have room for it upstairs after the second bed moved in, and we figured it would be a good place to hold extra baby blankets, toys, etc., for now, anyway.

I'm out. I hope no one reads this until at least tonight because you're all somewhere outside!

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