Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No way

No blogging inspiration here tonight. Today was a long day that started out with a bang with a dental cleaning at which I was informed I have TWO new cavities. I am starting to wonder if I'm getting taken for a ride. I know that sounds paranoid, but seriously, this is ridiculous.

Until a few years ago, I'd had one or two cavities in my life. Now I've had five this year? Despite following all the rules about brushing and flossing, using a prescription enamel-building mouthwash and brushing my teeth soon after eating or drinking anything acidic? And by the way, fillings are not cheap -- I could buy 7 For All Mankind maternity jeans for me AND all my pregnant friends with the money I've spent fixing cavities this year.

The rest of the day was really busy with work but I came home a little early so Matt and I could both run on the treadmill before Bible study, which was at our house tonight. And after that I had a couple of stories to edit, which I just finished.

I hear there's nothing but warm weather in the forecast, and the time changes this weekend, and these two facts make me very happy. I'm ready to use the porch again, to run outside after work in a T-shirt and shorts, to wear sleeveless shirts and flip-flops, to eat lunch outside, to not be pasty white, and to sneak off to the beach on a weekend whim. In fact, maybe that would be a good plan for this weekend ... yes?


Kaitlin said...

even i would like some warm, sit-on-the-porch weather! (but you know, once it gets past 75ish... I find it too hot). we need to go running!

Kaitlin said...
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