Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3

March 3 is an important day in my life. Let me count the ways (in no particular order):

- It's the anniversary of Mom's successful liver transplant. Two years ago today, as I was getting my nails done with Carrie, her sisters, her mom and her other bridesmaids in preparation for Carrie and Jacob's wedding that evening, my mom called to announce that she and Dad had just gotten "the call" and were on their way to Chapel Hill. We decided (with her encouragement) not to go to the hospital until after the wedding since she'd be in surgery during it anyway.

It was a couple of months before we knew for sure that the transplant was a success, but today's the day we celebrate her new healthy liver and vibrant life. (This picture is from last year's liver celebration.)

- As I just said, it's the anniversary of Carrie and Jacob's gorgeous wedding and the day I gained the world's best sister-in-law.
- It's the anniversary of the day Matt asked me to be his girlfriend. Thirteen years ago today, the story of us began.

- It's Amanda and Stephen's half-wedding-anniversary. That is, the half-anniversary of their wedding, not the anniversary of their half-wedding. Three and a half years ago today, they got married in a beautiful, simple ceremony. Amanda, the anti-Bridezilla, surprised ME with a birthday cake at her own wedding reception.
- It's my half-birthday. Six more months till I'm 30. But I'm still the youngest of all our college friends, and no one can take that away from me!


Ken Loyd said...

Another cool blog post. Almost enough to make you believe in numerology. Like Valentine's Day being my and Mom's half-anniversary.

Kaitlin said...

Happy March 3!!

btw, in that last photo (of you and amanda) I think you look a lot like me. (Which is weird, since we don't look alike at all).

Amanda said...

I agree Kaitlin! That is so funny!

It's so funny how many cool things take place on March 3!