Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

I was never one for taking lots of pictures, but I've gotten better since we bought a digital camera a few years ago. I love knowing immediately how a picture's going to turn out, I love that every attempt at a good shot is free, I love being able to crop easily and I love how easy it is to share digital photos with friends. Thus, the last three years of my life are better documented than my previous quarter-century.

One upside of the slow real estate market is that I've had time for back-burner projects such as scanning old photographs. I have one album of high school pictures, one album of college pictures, a wedding album, a wedding showers/honeymoon album, and a big box containing a jumble of miscellaneous other photos from my life.

No. 31 of my 101 things is to digitize ALL of these pictures. Don't worry, I won't subject you to all of them. I don't even intend to scan every one of them myself. But it has been fun going through them, and until it stops being fun, I'll be posting some of my favorites here.

In honor of my first Flashback Friday post, I thought I'd go with some old-school Matt soccer pictures. A perk of being on the yearbook staff in high school was getting to rifle through the gazillions of pictures our photography staff took, and claim those that didn't make the cut. These were taken in the fall of our senior year, about six months after the fateful ski trip.

I kept one of these on our refrigerator for years, even after we were married, until Matt convinced me that it was a little too strange to be greeted by a half-naked 17-year-old (even though it happened to be him) every time we needed the milk.

Come to think of it, I hope he doesn't think of this post as displaying him on a worldwide refrigerator.

What a hottie, though, right? And he gets better with time. Lucky me!


Melody said...

I remember that Matt! Always had a tan, made me sick!

Gail said...

It seems like only yesterday!!!