Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend update

Our weekend felt long for a change and that was nice. Friday night we stayed in with pizza and a couple of movies and an absurd amount of Halloween candy. I've lived in four different neighborhoods in Moore County, and never have we had more than a half-dozen trick-or-treaters.

We thought we might be surprised this year since there are tons of families in our neighborhood, but no. Our cousins Emma and Jessie came by, as did both of our next-door neighbors and a couple other randoms, but that was it.

Every Halloween our lack of trick-or-treaters perplexes Matt because it was such a major event for him growing up. In his neighborhood they had a big party, then kids went around to all the houses in groups of 10 or 12, and when they'd covered their own neighborhood the adults drove them to other neighborhoods where they knocked on yet more doors.

I, on the other hand, have different expectations because we lived more out in the country than in a neighborhood. Every year Mom and Dad took us to Granny and Granddaddy's, where Amanda and I made out like candy bandits, and a couple other family friends and then we spent the rest of the night, most years, at our church's Halloween carnival.

My favorite memory of the church carnival is of wonderfully scary hayrides through the pitch-black graveyard. But it all went downhill when the powers-that-be renamed it the fall festival, banned witch/goblin/devil costumes, and replaced the hayrides with Bible bingo.

Enough about that.

Saturday morning I had a great breakfast with Carrie and Christy. I love those girls so, so much.

(No, we did not have wine with breakfast. This picture is from our Boston trip a couple of years ago.)

I could have stayed there all day but Matt and I had plans to meet Sallie and Steven and Sadie (remember Sadie?) in Asheboro for lunch. After lunch we went back to their house to hang out while Sadie slept. That was our plan, anyway. Sadie's agenda included staying awake and entertaining us, and she prevailed. Sallie's having another baby in March and finds out today whether it's a girl or a boy! My guess is another girl. (Update: Wrong! It's a boy!)

We got home in time for a short run to take advantage of the gorgeous day, then that night we went to a party to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the local magazine I edit and write for.

Sunday after church we had lunch with Matt's family to celebrate his Gramps' birthday, then we went home and watched football. And I would just like to announce that with my fantasy-football victory over Stephen yesterday, I am now on a five-game winning streak!


Anonymous said...

Calling it a fall festival is still a hundred times better than calling it a Hallelujah party. Ugh.

Kaitlin said...

I'm with Matt on the weird factor of trick or treating around here. I got one trick or treater! One! We used to go as a huge group of moms and kids around our neighborhood and get tons of candy. And we always had tons of kids knock on our door. Even when we got older, we'd still patrol the neighborhood in huge groups. I don't see why parents have to bring their kids somewhere now? Dont' people know their neighbors enough to let kids get candy? That was long. Tell Matt that I am, too, confounded by the situation.

Ally said...

It seems like a lot of people just go to church trunk or treats in my hometown now. I thought half the fun was going from house to house, wondering if the person would answer the door, what type of candy it would be, etc.

Anonymous said...

Jen! I just found out that Chick-fil-a is giving FREE sandwiches today to people who voted! You're the most enthusiastic CFA fan I know, so I immediately thought of you. Guess where I'm eating dinner tonight... :)

jennifer said...

Rachel: a) Hallelujah party? That is completely over the top! b) Thanks for the CFA tip!! Just one more reason to love them.

Kate: Maybe it's better in smaller neighborhoods where people really know each other? I would have expected you to get tons of kids.

Ally: What is a trunk or treat?