Friday, November 14, 2008

Rain, rain ...

What a wet, dreary day! I get cold just looking outside. I came home for a late lunch and decided to stay here until CrossFit at 4. It's no warmer here than at the office, but here I can wear Matt's pajama pants and wrap up in a robe.

Normally I would be able to turn on the gas logs for a quick blast of heat, but they seem to be broken. I think the pilot light's just out but I don't know how to fix it and Matt's still in Tennessee. I wish I had a space heater. I asked Matt the other day if he would give me one for Christmas for the bathroom. I procrastinate getting out of the shower in the mornings because I know how cold it's going to be outside of the stall. I love being warm and toasty.

I asked my editor for more stories this morning. Luckily, he always seems to be able to come up with something, and I've moved on from NFL cheerleaders to alcoholism and the history of UNC men's basketball.

I'm afraid my legendary six-game winning streak in fantasy football is going to come to a screeching halt this week. Portis is probably out, Romo is finally back but probably not in top condition, and the Jets defense, which saved me last week, fell way short of expectations in last night's game. Matt says I can afford to lose one, maybe two of the next four games and still make the playoffs. Oh, the pressure! It would be sweet to win the first-place cash, but just making the playoffs would make me happy. Honestly, I'll be happy no matter what because I think at this point it's statistically impossible for me to wind up at the bottom of the pile.

A salesman came in the office this morning and I don't know whether it was my mood or if he really was extra-pushy, but I could hardly be polite to him. I cannot stand when totally uncharming people are so sure they can charm you. It really turns me off. Especially when they reek of cigarette smoke -- and for some reason, a lot of those type people seem to.

I wonder why I'm writing so many disjointed posts lately? Maybe my mind is not working so well. If that's the case, I hope it's temporary.

Riley picture of the day


Kaitlin said...

cute photo!

by the way, i thought of another post i want you to write: why do you call this Green Grass? I'm curious!

jennifer said...

Great topic! I'm surprised I've never written about that, but I think you're right. Thanks!

Libba Lemon said...

Can you up it to 2 pics a day over the weekend?? Pretty please??

Ally said...

She is beautiful!

And I'm with you on the space heater...I don't use much heat when I'm sleeping, so I just bump the thermostat up when I wake up--so it's always on when I shower. Otherwise I wouldn't want to get out either.