Monday, November 17, 2008

Believe it or not

This is old news, but I never wrote about it and I want to document it because I think it's an absolutely crazy coincidence. As you know, Amanda turned me on to and several weeks ago I was on the site writing a letter to her future self. After I finished I was bored and clicked on "View Public Entries."

The third public entry that popped up was written by a girl who'd scheduled it to arrive on her and her boyfriend's fourth dating anniversary, in 2003. The first sentence referred to the boyfriend -- Stephen. The fifth sentence referred to a friend -- Keely. Amanda's husband (a mere boyfriend in 2003) is Stephen, and her best friend from college is Keely, so I thought, that's interesting ...

And then I got to the end, which simply read "143" -- which is "their" number, if you will. I did the math on the dates and sure enough, it added up. I couldn't believe it! I called Amanda, read it to her and she confirmed.

Out of hundreds of thousands of public letters on that site, the third one I clicked on was written by my sister five years ago. What are the odds?
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Anonymous said...

Wow - pretty crazy!

(and pretty cute!)

BDish said...

Hey Jenn!

I didn't realize that EVERYONE could just google me and pull up that other blog so I started a new one! haha Also, did you know I started in leasing, moved into real estate and then writing? Same story!