Monday, October 20, 2008

Things I'm bad at

This blog has been the site of many lists, but here's one I've never covered: things I'm bad at. Thanks to Rachel for the idea. As she wrote, "Being bad at something is different than merely having a weakness. Being bad at something implies that I try to do it (perhaps repeatedly), but never really succeed." In other words, a tendency to procrastinate, which she and I share, doesn't count.

I'm bad at:

1. Singing
2. Ironing
3. Making gravy
4. Making small talk
5. "Doing" hair and makeup
6. Doing math in my head
7. Remembering and appropriately celebrating birthdays
8. Writing neatly
9. Measuring where to hang pictures
10. Accessorizing
11. Impromptu public speaking
12. Improvisational cooking
13. Driving a stick shift
14. Lying
15. Picking out paint colors
16. Keeping in touch with out-of-town friends
17. Graphic design, other than basic layout
18. Faking how I'm feeling
19. Recognizing people out of context
20. Using a sewing machine

I think I'll stop there. I'm starting to get depressed. :) So, what are you bad at?


Gail said...

I have always loved to hear you sing. Please don't consider the source. Just take it from the heart.

Amanda said...

I would say I'm bad at pretty much all of those as well, excluding singing and ironing. And I would agree with Gail about your singing, but I don't want to fall victim to an eye-rolling, flared-nostril, heavy-breathing version of you.

Kaitlin said...

I am also bad at:
1. Singing
2. Ironing
4. Making small talk (mostly b/c I'm not a fan of doing so)
4. "doing" hair and makeup - note the very few hair"styles" I have and the lack of makeup
9. measuring where to hang pictures
11. impromptu public speaking
12. improvisational cooking (for me it's cooking at all)
18. faking how I'm feeling

but really, these aren't terrible things, right? the good far outweight the bad!!

sorry i couldn't meet for coffee today - see blog post for my out of whack schedule.

Ally said...

I'm not very good at dodge ball and playing offense in flag football, but it pleases me that I like those two things enough to do them anyway. It goes against my sometimes perfectionistic tendencies. I'm also bad at art, getting nit-picky and important things done (like insurance), blogging regularly, focusing, and a host of other things.