Monday, September 1, 2008

Blah blah blog

The beach has been great. We didn't get here until about 4 on Saturday afternoon because we slept in and then decided to go to CrossFit before leaving. The gym isn't usually open on weekends, but about once a month it's open on a Saturday morning for practicing techniques. We planned to go in, do a warmup and maybe play around on the pull-up bars -- I'm trying to learn how to kip. But when we got there a full-fledged workout was in progress and we were obliged to participate. That put us about an hour behind but I was glad to get it in.

All we've done since we got here is lie on the beach, nap, read and eat. (I'm down to the last 100 pages in "Anna Karenina"!) We're at Atlanta Bread right now but are going to head home pretty soon, stopping by the outlets on the way.

This post is boring to me, so I know it's boring to you. Sorry about that! I'll try to raise the fascination factor next time.

Happy Labor Day!


Ally said...

Happy birthday eve!!

jennifer said...

Thanks, Ally!