Friday, August 29, 2008

Long weekend

Since my birthday is next Wednesday, I'm thinking of this as the first of my two birthday weekends (before and after). It looks like we are going to the beach tomorrow morning through Monday for one last summertime hurrah. I don't even care if the weather's nice; I'm excited about some quality time with the usuals, good food, good sales and good bumming.

Carrie and I had this big conversation last weekend and to make a long story short she made a very convincing argument that I shouldn't feel like I have to be in the office all the time. Which everyone tells me, but I still feel guilty when I'm not. This week, I spent all day Monday in Panera Bread (and was more productive than I usually am in the office); left early on Tuesday and Wednesday to go to the 4 p.m. CrossFit; and worked a regular day Thursday. Today I met Kate in the Village for a great, long-overdue, much-needed early run and conversation followed by coffee. Then, after a shower, I went to a hair appointment, and only then to work. This was a good week, and it also flew by.

I h0pe everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. I'll blog from the beach if we stick to our Atlanta Bread breakfast routine. Maybe this will be the weekend I actually finish "Anna Karenina"!


Kaitlin said...

i am totally for extended birthday celebrations! woohoo!

heather said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

jennifer said...

Thank you girls!