Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend update and Facebook reunions

I have tried to start this post with like 10 different sentences and every one seems totally inane. I remember feeling like that back when I wrote my first post (I eventually gave up and made my blogging debut with a list -- of course).

We had a fun and full weekend that I am not going to go into in detail here. Short version:

Friday night - Had a cookout with Cory and Wendi and kids
Saturday morning - Went to the park and had lunch with Melissa and kids
Saturday afternoon - Lost an earring at the gym
Saturday night and Sunday morning - Babysat London and Dylan for Lauren G. and Paul
Sunday lunch - Had Terry's birthday lunch at Gran's
Sunday afternoon - Begged Matt, unsuccessfully, to let us bum instead of doing yardwork
Sunday night - Bummed


I just remembered what I've been meaning to write about -- why I'm loving Facebook right now. Usually I'm pretty ambivalent about it, although I like it better than I did when I first joined (under the influence of Amanda), and WAY better than MySpace. Most of my friends on Facebook are people I see at least occasionally in real life, but through it I have happily reconnected with quite a few high school and college friends as well.

To back up for just a second, there's a whole group of people -- the ones I went to New York City with during the summer of 1999 -- that I have unfortunately lost touch with. The 50 or so (I think) of us lived together, worked and volunteered together, spent our nights and weekends together, ate almost every meal together, etc., for two months. Naturally, we grew extremely close, but after the summer we headed back to our own colleges -- only four of us were from North Carolina, and no one but I went to UNC -- and gradually lost touch. I haven't talked to even the three girls who were my best friends and roommates (literally, we shared one dorm room) that summer in several years.

Matt spent the summer of 1998 on a similar project in Santa Cruz, Calif., and has also not kept up with anyone from then. But last week he got an email from a guy who had started a Facebook group for the Santa Cruz people, so he was able to catch up with several of his good friends from that summer.

Which got me thinking that I should try to find some of my NY peeps on Facebook. In just a couple of hours I had found and friended about eight of them, one of whom started a Facebook group for us, so it will be easier for other NY SITC alums to find us if they're looking for us. A real-life reunion would be even better, but it's great to see these people and hear what their lives have been like over the years, even just through the Internet.

So yay for you, Facebook.

My roommates and best friends from the summer, Angie, Leigh and Cara Mia

My Bible study girls

The North Carolina peeps

My "ministry group" before seeing "Les Miserables"

My friend Dave and me at an oldies party. I wish I still had this dress. It cost $1 and was so cute for summer.

Our room on our way to a group date with a boys' room. Cheesy, ultra-Crusadey concept; very fun night.


Jennifer said...

THanks for stopping by my blog! (o:

I'm a total facebook junkie by the way. I too have reconnected with old youth group friends, high school peeps and college buddies too. It's definitely addicting - and I agree, it's better than myspace!

And FYI, I sometimes have a hard time titling blogs too. Maybe it's a common dilemma!

Libba Lemon said...

I LOVE these old pictures. Want to dig through old pictures next time I'm in town.