Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The post with a whole lot of labels

I am having a harder-than-usual time getting back into the swing of things after last week's vacation. Monday and Tuesday were so crazy trying to catch up on everything. Today was better but I guess Matt and I didn't sleep that well last night so we were both tired all day.

At 4 p.m. I came home to run before going to Mom and Dad's for dinner at 6:30. As soon as I got home I changed into running clothes but then crawled into bed and for a pre-run cat nap. An hour and a half later Matt came home and I was drooling on the pillow. I told myself I could still get a run in -- I'd just lie there for 15 more minutes, then run to Mom and Dad's (only a few miles) and get there at 6:30. Great idea. I fell back asleep.

Forty-five minutes later I woke back up and threw on regular clothes and we jumped in the car. For someone who claims to love running so much, I sure do spend a lot of time making excuses to not do it. Anyway, the sleep got rid of my headache and I needed that.

Dinner was awesome -- grilled marinated chicken, a fruit salad, lots of garden vegetables, two homemade dressings/butters, yeast rolls, Mom's famous blackberry cobbler, sweet tea and IBC root beer. Delish. After dinner we took our coffee to the porch just in time for it to start raining. There is hardly anything better than being on a porch swing under a tin roof with a cup of good coffee and three of your favorite people in the world during a summer rain.

The only thing about a tin roof is, it makes it hard to hear what people are saying, so after a few minutes we went back inside. Then Mom gave me a foot massage with some great foot lotion she got on clearance at Lowe's of all places. Then I did her feet, then Matt's. Very, very relaxing all around.

It's a good thing I did get a nap this afternoon because we're not going to get any sleep until Matt finishes a library book that's due tomorrow. It could be awhile.

When Matt and I got married he didn't even like to read. Or so he thought, because all he'd ever read was required stuff from English classes year after year, most of which he didn't like. But we spent a week in the Bahamas for our honeymoon, and three weeks later another week at the beach in Roatan ...

(speaking of Roatan, look what I discovered online -- of course I'm the girl with a Coke in her hand ... but Roatan is a story for another day) ... and all that time on the beach plus in airports/airplanes persuaded him to visit the library with me.

His wallet now holds membership cards to not one, not two, but three local library systems, and he's as likely as I am to suggest spending an evening reading on the porch. I didn't know when we married that he would acquire a taste for reading and coffee and football in the first five years, but I'm not complaining.


r8chel said...

You just happened to find a picture of yourself online?!

Gail said...

A good book is one of the best medicines for whatever ails you! I know you would expect a librarian to say that but it is true.

Amanda said...

haha how random is that picture online!? so funny.

see you tonight for movie night!