Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yes, I should be working

Tonight I am going to attend my first book-club meeting. It qualifies as a book club by the skin of its teeth -- it was formed for reading and discussing only one book, "When Life and Beliefs Collide," and we plan to meet only twice. Still, I'm probably going to rule that it justifies the checking off of my No. 4. And maybe I'll persuade at least a few of the girls to continue it on through another book. Although, sadly, not Lauren R., who's moving to Omaha for the summer.

On the work front, my sellers who had the crazy buyer last week are, miraculously, already back under contract with a new buyer. And the owners of the condo that got taken off the market right before my friend made an offer want to consider her offer after all. So this is good.

Lauren G. and I are going to make our Turbo Kick debut at the gym after work today. I am a little burned out of my Body Pump/running routine and ready to mix it up. Since I typically look like an idiot the first time I try anything, I'm happy we're doing this together. I hope we can try a handful of new classes together in the next few weeks. Deal, Lauren?


r8chel said...

The book club thing is #79 on my list... but I still haven't figured out how to join/start one.

Lauren Greaves said...

I'm exhausted. thats all i have to say.

Katie said...

Girl, thanks so much for the tip on E.L.F. I ordered a few things yesterday and I can't believe the deal! I passed the word to all the friends I knew would truly appreciate a great deal.