Friday, June 6, 2008


It is hot! I'm not complaining. I spend too much of my life cold to complain when I'm hot. But we seem to have missed spring altogether around here.

This morning I spent some time with my editor at the magazine where I freelance and he said something along the lines of "Too bad your schedule doesn't allow you to do much traveling." I stopped him right there and told him that's the great thing about my schedule, I can do all the traveling I want as long as I know in advance when it's going to be. And even if it's last-minute I can usually make it work, thanks to the mixed blessing of cell phones and laptops. He said, "Really? Well, would you want to go to Colorado next week?" Um, yes!

I would be profiling some of the athletes at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs. It's not definite yet but I hope it works out. I've been to Colorado (Fort Collins) only once, and for only a weekend, but I remember how gorgeous it was.

Happy weekend to everyone. I know I'm ready for it!


Shannon Paris said...

Oooooh, Colorado sounds fun! That would be an awesome gig!

Amanda said...

uh, hello, I'm so there! okay, just kidding, but I WISH! I want to hit up Colorado so bad. I know you'll have a great time you lucky dog!

Ally said...

I hope this works out for you to go. Maybe your next trip will be to Fiji or the Italian Riviera. This could be a really great "work development."