Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lunch with the McKenzie girls

We made it to the beach and we're kicking things off with the traditional coffee, bagel, books and free Internet at Atlanta Bread Company. We awoke this morning to my phone ringing with someone wanting to make an offer (and sell their current house), which seems to happen every time I come to the beach, which is not something I'm complaining about. It just means I need to come to the beach more often, I think.


On Thursday we had a McKenzie girls lunch -- Amanda, Mom, Granny and her sisters Elsie and Shirley and I. It was such a trip. Those ladies are hi-larious and so cute. I felt like I was living out a scene from "Raney" (which is a good thing). I love the ladies in my family.

Granny, Amanda, Mom, Shirley, Elsie

Does anyone want a pre-teen pen pal? Elsie has one she would like to recommend.

I love Granny so much it's ridiculous. I wish I could bottle her and distribute her to the world, because everyone needs a phenomenal grandma.

This bumper sticker did not belong to any of us (McKenzie girls eschew pageantry), but I noticed it when we were leaving and had to document it for blogging purposes.


Gail said...

These are some of my favorite people in the world. If you figure out how to bottle Granny, I want a double dose!!! She sets the standard for Grandmothers. Granny is my role-model. I hope Seth and Joshua will think I am half as great.

Ally said...

I'd like to see a photo of the driver of that car too....