Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm out

I have some stuff to post about but haven't had a chance to breathe for what feels like days. We are trying to get out the door to go to the beach for a much-needed 10-day vacation but of course I can't even pack because first I have to do a few loads of laundry. It's the story of my life.

I'm sure I will be blogging while at the beach. I may even catch up on some of the emails I'm way behind on responding to.

I hope I'm not the only one with some good time off to look forward to next week!


Shannon Paris said...
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Shannon Paris said...

The only time I have off is the 4th, better than no time at all I guess!

Gail said...

Have a great time!!! Enjoy each other, read a few books, get in the water and just relax.

Katie said...

Have fun in the sun!