Sunday, June 22, 2008

I love the panda

I'm glad I've gotten in some good time with Amanda this week. Considering that she's working two jobs and getting her master's "on the side," that can be tough! Thursday after work she and Kate and I went to Rock the Plaza in downtown Southern Pines, then Amanda and I went to her house.

For weeks or maybe a couple of months, Amanda's been saving a DVR'd episode of "30 Days" for us to watch together. The show's concept is really cool: Morgan Spurlock (the "Super Size Me" guy) tries out other people's typical lives for 3o days at a time -- 30 days as a coal miner, 30 days as a straight man in a gay world, etc.

The one Amanda saved for me was 30 days of surviving on minimum wage. It was in the vein of "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America," which definitely leans to the left but I think everyone should read.

Then Friday after work Matt and I went to Amanda and Stephen's to play nine holes of golf. Thank goodness we played captain's choice or we would have been out there all night. It was the first time I'd actually played nine holes.

The thing about golf is, I had fun riding around with everyone, but if it had mattered how well I played, I would have been miserable. And I don't see how anyone gets good at golf without playing it A LOT. And it's a very expensive hobby -- from the cost of buying the right equipment and clothes, to various fees every time you play.

And people take it SO seriously! No talking while people are hitting. Stupidly strict dress codes. Rakes in the sand to cover up (gasp) footprints! I don't get it.

BUT I do get that there's something to be said for anything that gives you a good excuse to spend several hours outside in nice weather, in a beautifully landscaped setting, while having a couple of beers ... and is considered a totally legitimate method of business networking. For these reasons, "learn to play golf" is the first item on my next 101-things list.

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