Thursday, May 1, 2008

Love letter

Dear Chick-fil-A,

I’m writing to tell you that you rock my world. If I were a fast-food restaurant, I would aspire to be like you.

Your self-serve condiment station is brilliant. I love that I never have to ration my ketchup like I do some places.

The Styrofoam cups you use are so much better for to-go drinks than the flimsy cups most fast-food restaurants use. Also, your Coke is so good. Thank you for not watering it down and for always getting the syrup-to-carbonated-water ratio right.

You’re so generous with freebies and discounts that sometimes I feel guilty. Coupons are always in the newspaper, your calendars are full of them, and you accept them even after they’ve expired. And your Chamber card combo deal is absolutely extravagant.

I respect that you’re closed on Sundays. I like what this decision says about your company’s values.

Your system for taking orders and payment is superior to all your competitors’. No matter how long your lines are, they move fast and the orders are accurate. Whoever’s in charge at Wendy’s could take a cue.

Your restaurant is always clean. I have no idea how, since it is always full of people, but it is. And all of your employees are friendly, courteous and efficient.

You stopped charging extra for lemonade refills. Thank you!

The food! I almost forgot. Not only are the flavors delicious, but everything is always hot and fresh.

All in all, I could not be any happier with you unless you had outdoor seating, which I realize is probably out of your control. Thank you for being so great.


Lauren Greaves said...

you just put the biggest smile on my face

Ally said...

Ah, the correct carbonation and syrup ratio is key. I love being able to trust that some restaurants will always have it right.

Amanda said...

are you sending that? make sure they know that we refuse to eat anywhere else except for Cookout when it's gorgeous outside. hehe!

jennifer said...

Ally -- yes! Some people think I'm crazy, but there are about six restaurants that always have better Coke than everywhere else. McDonald's is another reliable one. Too bad I hate their food.

Amanda -- yes, I sent it that day. I hope it made them smile.