Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Two days ago I finally got around to listing my New York "Coach" bag on eBay. I didn't have high hopes that it would sell, considering that it was in competition with about 1,100 other black Coach purses, but I figured there was no harm in trying.

Then this morning I woke up to an email from eBay informing me that my listing has been removed because of a trademark violation. My eBay listing was pretty much identical to what I wrote about it on this blog, including that I didn't think it was real. I didn't want someone to buy it and then accuse me of trying to pass it off as authentic.

Well, according to the email I got this morning, "Sellers may not disclaim knowledge of, or responsibility for, the authenticity of the items they list on eBay. Listings for brand name items are permitted on eBay only if the seller can verify the authenticity of the item. If you cannot verify the authenticity of an item, it is not permitted on eBay."

Can you believe that? With so many fakes floating around out there, how many people can honestly guarantee the authenticity of what they're selling? Do those 1,100 other bags all come with the original sales receipt?

Plan B: sell my other fake black Coach bag (it's gotten A LOT of use and is looking pretty ragged) at the consignment store and start using the new one as my main one.


Amanda said...

Plan A- (in between A and B): Sell it on Craigslist!

Lucy said... much did you want for it--I am looking for a new pocketbook but I was gonna get something a little more springy. It's really nice though!

jennifer said...

$40 or make an offer!