Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm in serious procrastination mode. All day yesterday and this morning I have been going like crazy, and I think my mind just quit. Melissa's house went under contract while we were in New York so there's some stuff to coordinate with that, especially since it turns out her driveway isn't all the way on her land, and the easement for it isn't in writing, and the man who verbally granted it is dead. Always fun to straighten out. But the great thing is that she and Thomas got a really, really good offer and will be closing in a month. I am so happy for them!

Have I mentioned that Pinehurst finally lifted its ban on watering? So we actually have bushes and (as of tomorrow) grass around our house and in the yard now. I'll have to take pictures. The bushes are very small, but at least we no longer appear to reside on a pinestraw island.

Yesterday was the first day of landscaping so I stayed home so I'd be around to answer any of the landscapers' questions. Plus, I had to finish an Etsy order and catch up on some editing that I couldn't do in New York because we lost Internet. Not to mention the house hadn't been cleaned for two weeks. It was a good day to have an excuse to stay home.

I have decided not to get certified to teach Body Pump. For the first week after Jodi mentioned it to me I thought about it as if I were going to go forward with it; for the second week, as if I were not. I felt better about things the second week, which is the main reason I decided against it.

The other factor is my obsession with maintaining a flexible schedule. I started thinking about how annoyed I would be if I had to miss a couple of days at the beach over Fourth of July, my favorite week of the year, because I couldn't get a sub for my class or classes. I thought about how often our group decides on the spur of the moment to, say, get together for all-you-can-eat ribs, as we did last night -- not possible if I had to teach a class. Finally, I thought about how much time I would be spending on Body Pump, not just teaching but learning the new releases, in staff meetings, etc. All in all, I think I'll be happier keeping up my twice-a-week routine, even though I won't be getting paid for it.

One more thing. I've taken the music off of the blog because only three people voted to keep it. Six voted to remove it and one person (plus, presumably, everyone who didn't vote) didn't care. I think you can still listen to the playlist by going to http://www.projectplaylist.com/ and searching for my playlist, which I think is called "jenndare."

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