Saturday, March 22, 2008


I just found out that the theme for April NaBloPoMo is ... letters!

24 groups/people I might write letters to during April:

1. United Way (appreciation -- this and the next nine will fulfill No. 23 from my list)
2. Sandhills Coalition
3. Family Promise
4. Friend to Friend
5. Sewer and Water Assistance Program
6. Moore Free Care Clinic
7. Salvation Army
8. American Red Cross
9. Meals on Wheels
10. Bethany House
11. The family of Mom's liver donor (gratitude; No. 78)
12. American Home Shield (complaint)
13. The Pilot (re: Dad's retirement party)
14. Coca-Cola (praise and coupons request)
15. The village (re: greenway trails)
16. Mars, Inc. (praise for Milky Ways and coupons request)
17. Target (begging for one in our town)
18. Cook-Out (praise)
19. Remington Grill (begging for one in our town)
20. Lowe's Foods (re: per-unit pricing on GreenPoints pricing)
21. Chick-fil-A (praise)
22. Our church (re: access to church budget; No. 50)
23. Our associate pastor (encouragement)
24. Trader Joe's (begging for one in our town)

Have a suggestion for one or more of the remaining six days of April? I'd love to hear it!


Amanda said...

Good ones! I am definitely NOT participating in April. If I think of any more I'll let you know. Sorry y'all can't make it to the play but it's no biggie! Love you!

Lucy said...

Lots of great organizations on your letter list! I hope your letter to Target and Trader Joe's works!