Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

It didn't feel like Easter this morning, but people still rose to the occasion with pastel flowered dresses and white shoes. The community sunrise service I usually attend on Easter wasn't held this year for some reason, so we just went to church as usual.

Starting next Sunday our church is dropping back from two services to just one each week and as long as we have room for everyone I'm happy about that. I guess our church is medium-sized for our area, but there are so many people who go to it who I don't know because they always go to the 8:30 service and we always go to 11. One of the side benefits to this is that we're going to have a lot more help in the nursery, which is a perpetual challenge at our church.

Right after church this morning we had Easter lunch/celebrated Matt's Gran's birthday at his Gran's house. We completely stuffed ourselves and then went home to doze/read/watch basketball for a couple of hours before heading to Mom and Dad's for Easter dinner.

I was planning to work tomorrow since we're going to be out of town on Thursday and Friday but my day has been consumed with more fun plans: breakfast with Mom, lunch with Melissa, and an afternoon "Closer" date with Amanda (we're having company over for dinner at 5:30 p.m. -- they have two girls who have to be in bed by 8:30 -- so I'd have to be home early cooking anyway).

Mark and Jordan's wedding is Saturday in (on?) St. Simon's Island, Ga., and we're planning on heading south on Thursday, but we're not sure whether we're going to spend a couple of days in Savannah, or go straight to the St. Simon's area, or go somewhere else in the vicinity. Anyone have suggestions?


Katie said...

I know what you are thinking...who is this random person leaving a comment on my blog? I have to say, you probably don't remember me but Amanda and I went to school together through 8th grade. I enjoy reading your blog. Just thought I would comment on the Savannah trip and give a suggestion...the Staybridge Suites in the historic district is really nice and close to everything. You must eat at The Lady and Sons because it is SO yum! If you decide to stay at Staybridge, please tell Elizabeth O'Quinn I sent you! She is so sweet! Enjoy your trip!

Amanda said...

I'm sooooooo sorry I had to cancel plans for today. Trust me, I'd MUCH rather be with you!! I would love to talk to you about St. Simon's and Savannah since we honeymooned in St. Simon's and anniversaried in Savannah. I will call you! I love you!

jennifer said...

Katie, thanks so much for the great suggestions! I just booked a room at Staybridge Suites for Thursday night -- it was about half the price of the other hotel I called in the historic district, and it looks really nice. I will try to find Elizabeth O'Quinn when we're there!

jennifer said...

Amanda, I'm sorry too but we'll get together soon. I definitely want to talk to you before we leave. I totally forgot your honeymoon was in St. Simon's!

Katie said...

Elizabeth is one of the top peeps at Staybridge so she shouldn't be hard to find! The floors in the lobby are beautiful! It used to be a blacksmith shop (back in the day) and you can still see the markings in the floor! Hope you guys enjoy!