Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to work

I'm really glad we ended up going to the wedding because it was SO nice in every way and Grandma only improved while we were there. The ceremony was held on a beautiful lawn under a canopy of massive, ancient oak trees. The weather could not have been more perfect -- sunny and upper 70s. After the wedding was a fun reception at a swanky country club.

By lunchtime Sunday we still hadn't decided whether to spend the night in Savannah, but once we got on the road we decided not to. The weather had turned cooler, it was drizzling, we weren't sure Sunday night is the best time to visit anywhere, we both had stuff that needed to get done for work, and we were just ready to get home.

The trip back felt like it took forever. We read and talked and stopped for Cokes and Twix bars and listened to an outrageous number of CDs and I even tried (NOT very successfully) to get Matt to play games with me, but it was still such a long ride. The only highlight was that we were still on I-95 at dinnertime so we ate at the Cracker Barrel in Lumberton. Sunday is Homestyle Chicken day, you know.

So I added music to the blog. What do you think? Good move, or annoying?


Lucy said...

I like have a music player on the blogs I visit. I've found a bunch of new groups or artists from poking through blogger's lists.

Amanda said...

I have mixed feelings about music on websites. At work I keep my sound off, so I can't hear it anyway, and then sometimes I turn it on and go to a website and music is blaring and then I feel like I've just gotten caught doing something wrong. But I think most people will enjoy it!

Ally said...

I listen to my itunes a lot while I'm reading blogs, so whenever there is music I have to find the "player" and disable it or I have two songs going. I wish there was a way that it didn't play unless the reader enabled it--which would also avoid the being at work and music blaring but still allow people who like that feature to hear music.