Monday, March 10, 2008

20 reasons why I'm not quitting NaBloPoMo

(... yet)

1. I am not a quitter.
2. Unless we're talking about a really bad book.
3. Or movie.
4. Or TV show.
5. Or meal.
6. My high school track coach used to yell as we ran up and down and up and down the bleachers, "DON'T STOP! Don't you stop! You can stand anything for two more minutes!"
7. I still think about that all the time.
8. It's very true.
9. Isn't it going to be sad if, in 60 years, that's the only lesson I remember from high school?
10. Or would that be sad?
11. Isn't a lesson of perseverance, discipline and dedication more important than the conjugation of French verbs?
12. Yes, but those also are stuck in my head.
13. Suis es est sommes etes sont.
14. Anyway, I don't want to quit because I already have a label devoted to March NaBloPoMo.
15. My name is on the blogroll, and I would hate a) to have it removed or b) for people to click on Green Grass only to discover that I'm a dropout.
16. I do like having an incentive to blog every day, even when my posts are inane, as they have been for a while now.
17. Maybe I'll win the monthly prize for daily bloggers.
18. Gail told me not to stop.
19. I love frequent posts by blogging friends, and I try to live by the Golden Rule.
20. March NaBloPoMo doesn't take enough effort to justify laziness.


Amanda said...

If the lists are getting to you, I heard a rumor that "lists" is optional - it's just that you are supposed to blog every day. Check that rumor out because it may make you more likely to stick with it! I don't want you to quit either!!

Ally said...

Nice working on keeping it up. I tried posting every day in November but around Thanksgiving I decided it was too much trouble.

jennifer said...

Amanda - thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I still think I'd feel like half a loser for dropping the lists.

Ally - Thanksgiving?! But you were so close!

Libba Lemon said...

So glad you're sticking with it! I'll try to drum up some list requests for you.