Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What a wonderful world

What a day! This is the third day in a row of unbelievably gorgeous, spring-like weather. Matt, Stephen and I just walked down a few blocks to try a new sandwich shop. Not only did I get to have a bottle of black-cherry soda, and not only did we get to eat outside, but we kept running into people we know and like. The weather drew everyone outside, I guess.

The only bad thing was that since today is Ash Wednesday and Matt and I are giving up fried foods for Lent (his idea), I couldn't have chips with my sandwich. I think sandwiches really need chips. I got cole slaw on the side instead, but it wasn't good.

On the way back to the office we dropped by this new coffeshop, Swank, where they also sell local handmade art -- purses, wall mosaics, stationery, etc. It's owned by a girl who does amazing stained glass -- Amanda, Lauren G. and I were great customers at her Springfest booth last year. Kaitlin's the one who tipped me off to this place.

I could have spent a lot of time there but since the guys were with me I just bought one thing, a really cute birthday present for Lib, and then left. At which point we ran into Paul and the outrageously adorable London. She has learned some new tricks since I last saw her, such as counting to 3 and identifying rocks, chairs, shoes, water and trucks.

Tonight is the Carolina-Duke game and I can't wait. I'm surrounded by a trash-talking husband and brothers-in-law but I'm letting my "Beat Duke" pin do the talking for me.

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