Monday, December 10, 2007

Remote education

I have spent all morning writing Christmas cards to every client we've ever had and and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel and I need a break! It would be easier to just sign my name over and over, but I think that's a waste of postage. Personally, if I get a card and it has nothing but a scribbled signature, it's probably going in the trash. But it's so hard to write dozens and dozens of heartfelt notes in a row!

Moving on, yesterday I crossed No. 13 (learn how to use our TVs and assorted remotes) off my list, courtesy of Matt. I actually had gotten the hang of the setup in the treadmill room a while ago, and the office TV is ancient and easy to use, but the living room TV and THREE remotes completely confounded me. I never really watch TV by myself so it wasn't a big issue, but I do like to listen to loud music when I'm in the middle of a cleaning blitz, and Matt's usually not around for those. Hmm.

The problem is, we have no stereo system to speak of. Our only radios are alarm clocks. Our only CD players are computers and the DVD player. And anyway, I hate radio commercials and don't have all that many CDs, so my loud cleaning music usually comes from the TV's music channels. Which is why I needed to learn how to work the remotes.

Matt explained all about how receivers work and showed me the input button and told me there's a difference between the on/off and power buttons, which doesn't make sense to me, but OK. I wrote it all down and then tried it when he was gone yesterday afternoon. It worked on the first try!

As of now I still have to follow the written directions, but after a few times I'll internalize it, which is just the way I learn. Thanks, babe!

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