Sunday, November 11, 2007

Getting my Kaleigh and Trev fix

Melissa and her crew came over this afternoon. HOW cute are Kaleigh and Trevor?!

(They were pretending to be dogs. I had to let them drink from a bowl of water on the floor, play fetch with them and refer to them as Buster and Christina.)

(He just got the hang of winking. Ladies, you've been warned.)


kloyd1953 said...

Great pics of great kids. Can I borrow Slaughterhouse Five when you're through? Loved it in college but would pay more attention to it now.
Love, Dad

jennifer said...

Actually, Dad, I borrowed that and the Hitler book from the Loyd Library (AKA your garage) last week when I was trading vegetable soup for pumpkin innards. So I'll be sure to return them as soon as I'm done!

I also took a bottle of linen spray from the dining room. It looked neglected and smelled delicious. Would you please mention that to Mom? I'll bring it back to her when we have coffee this week. Thank you! Love you!

Libba Lemon said...

They are 1000% Melissa and I love it. I want to see them (and her) next time we're there! I can't believe that Kaleigh was a tiny baby at your wedding. She's so beautiful.