Friday, April 13, 2007


Happy Friday the 13th.

I'm excited because I just signed up for a summer class on magazine writing/getting published. I may or may not learn much, but at least I'll finally have someone forcing me to write.

One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to begin writing a novel. My ideal life would involve about three hours a day editing or writing (pursuing my passion), an hour or two a day facilitating real estate deals (making money), an hour a day running outside (staying sane) and the rest of my time focusing on domestic pursuits and the people I love ... spending time with Matt and our four future children and other friends and family, cooking healthy meals, staying on top of the laundry pile, keeping plants alive, etc.

One thing that makes me feel hopeful that this vision, or something close to it, could eventually become reality is that our company seems to be quickly shifting into a referrals-based business. We still do a lot of advertising but we aren't killing ourselves to have open houses every weekend or chase down every sliver of a lead. Most of our clients seek us out, and many of them are repeat customers. Especially with babies on the horizon, this makes me very happy.

(P.S. Despite evidence to the contrary, I really enjoy cooking and cleaning. I just don't have time to do either on a daily basis, which makes me feel guilty, which means I scramble to cram in a week's worth of both on the weekends, which makes me feel like I hate cooking and cleaning. It's a vicious cycle.)

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