Thursday, April 12, 2007

Half full

3 Things I Love About My Job

Work environment. I'm so lucky to interact all day with some of my best friends, the charming and lovable Matthew in particular.

Flexible schedule. Theoretically, I can sleep late, go home early, take two-hour lunches, two-week vacations ... whatever. Not that I ever take advantage of this. Right now, for example, I should reading a good book outside somewhere.

Commission-based pay. Dealing with difficult people is more bearable when you imagine dollar signs on their head (thanks, Paul).

3 Things I Hate About My Job

Work environment. In that it's all-consuming. These dear friends with whom I work? It's nearly impossible for us to get through a meal/poker game/beer pong tournament/Monday Night Football -- you name it -- without work coming up.

Flexible schedule. I'm at the mercy of clients and the whims of their schedules. Nights? Weekends? Holidays? I'm on call, and boy do they call.

Commission-based pay. If I don't work, I don't get paid. Boo.

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