Monday, May 14, 2012

End of the road

It's a good thing life comes at you one day at a time, because I'd probably be in shock if you'd plucked me from the reality I was living in when I started this blog in 2007 and dropped me into Days of My Life 2012. Today I swept, mopped, dusted, scrubbed toilets and ran four loads of laundry. I ate a popsicle on the porch and read multiple children's books that I already know by heart. I cut my run short so I could squeeze in a stop at the farmers market all by myself. I blowdried my hair while under attack from two tiny dinosaurs, one of whom dropped the act for a second to wrap her arms around my neck and say, "I love you, Mama. I really love you."

Life is different now. And I am different, in all kinds of ways that are real but could only sound cliche if I tried to spell them out in a paragraph or two. And thus, this is the end of Green Grass' run.

I can't explain why I feel this need to have closure here and start a new blog with a blank slate, but I do and I am. From now on I'll be blogging at I hope you'll join me!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on knowing when to end one thing so you can start something new.

Lauren G. said...

I think I'm going to cry.

Sweet Tea Mama said...

When I first read this I thought you were done blogging. And as lazy of a blogger as I am I look forward to your posts. Glad you're starting a new one. I'll follow you for sure!

Libba said...

Ha! I like Lauren's comment. I look forward to whatever comes from your unpolished pen.