Monday, November 21, 2011

Evanus Maximus

Dear Evan,

I can hardly believe you've already been part of our life for (more than) a year. It was not the easiest of years, especially those first couple of months -- through no fault of your own; 16 months, I now know, is just a very narrow window between kids.

But it was no time before you had stolen our hearts with your bright-eyed smiles and propensity to snuggle and contagious laughter. Your Gran and Gramps are still lobbying for us to submit this to "America's Funniest Home Videos."

You're all boy, and heavy on the charm. People routinely tell us things like "If Evan ever goes missing, don't let them come looking for him at my house" and "Holding Evan is as good as a dose of Valium." In addition to flirting with much older women, your favorite amusements include all balls, all things with wheels, climbing, exploring, trying to jump, chasing and being chased.

You're a sucker for having your hair brushed. Your pants always have grass stains. You play in any available toilet. You eat until we stop offering food.

Most of the time, you're remarkably tolerant of Claire's occasionally heavy-handed attempts at playing together. Her go-to game, Ring Around the Rosie, is a tall order for a kid who's just learning to walk, not to mention confusing (walking in circles? falling on purpose?), but you're a good sport. Let's hope she's as tolerant when you can exert your own influence a little more effectively.

Anyone who meets you comments on how good-natured you are, and anyone who holds you doesn't want to let you go. But we're the lucky ones who always get to take you home. We love you so much, dear Ev-man, and are so very thankful God handpicked you for us. Happy belated birthday!


Renee said...

This is a fabulous post, Jennifer. I was just thinking how sweet he was yesterday in the nursery. I held him the whole time! Such a sweet blessing ;)

Ken Loyd said...

I agree 100%. Evan is a gift to everyone who knows him.

Libba said...

wonderful letter! thank you for sharing it with us, jenn! very sweet.