Monday, May 9, 2011

A wonderful plan for my thighs

Bathing suit season is upon us and I think I have talked myself into rejoining the gym. Running with the double stroller has its advantages, for sure. The kids love it, it's a hard workout, it's convenient and it's free.

However. It's not a good option when it's too hot, too cold or too pollen-y. And the constant chatter from Claire ... don't get me wrong, I love having the inside scoop on her nonsensical little thoughts, but it sure would be nice to zone out during a run sometimes.

Matt and I have an implicit agreement that, most days, either we both work out or neither of us does. And we've toyed with lots of ways to squeeze in regular workouts. Just like anything, it can be done if it's your priority. Our kids sleep 12 or 13 hours a night. Matt only gets to spend a couple of hours with them on weekdays. When he comes home, the swingset trumps the treadmill.

The treadmill is off-limits at night because it's beside Claire's bedroom. (Yes, poor planning on our part.) That also means I can't run during the kids' afternoon naptime. Most days I need that time to work so it's a moot point.

A partial solution would be for me to wake up very early, before Matt or the kids, and get my run in then. But morning runs ALWAYS lead to killer afternoon headaches for me. I have tried for years to figure out why this happens and how to stop it. In high school for a while I worked out at the gym before school without a problem. In college I did a lot of morning running too. But in the past decade this headache trend has gotten bad.

I've tried getting more sleep, being awake longer before starting my run, eating before, eating after, or both,  drinking more water/Coke/coffee ... everything I can think of. It's the worst thing for me about running races (which always start early) -- I feel great during them, but a few hours later the headache hits. I've gotten way off topic now, but if anyone has insight or suggestions, please comment.

ANYway. I can't believe you're still reading! Thanks. So there are three gyms I could join. The cheapest option is farthest from our house and the childcare is bad. The second-cheapest option is 15 minutes from our house but just down the street from the office. It has decent free childcare. The most expensive option, naturally, is five minutes from our house, with great childcare that you have to pay for in addition to the base membership.

Nevertheless, that's the one I'm leaning toward. Because if I am going to join a gym, I do not want to be sketchy about the people watching my kids, nor do I want to drive 40 minutes roundtrip. And honestly, for a little perspective, the cost of this monthly gym membership is about the same as a couple of nice dinner dates a month. It's not THAT expensive.

If all goes according to my perfect plan, I'll be able to work out at the gym a few times a week in the late afternoon. Matt can work through lunch on gym days and come home a little early to run on our treadmill while the kids and I are at the gym. Heck, we'll probably pay for the gym membership with the money we save not eating out those days.

We'll still have a chunk of time all together before the kids go to bed, and Matt and I will still have our evenings together.  We'll sit on the porch and talk and feel less guilty about the calories in our wine. I think it's a lovely idea.

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Amanda said...

I laughed when I read this post because I too have been going back and forth on whether or not to join a gym with childcare or continue to try to work around my kid's schedule and use the jogging stroller. I opted for the gym - even if I do have to cut back on other luxuries to justify my spending. Soooo worth it.