Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book club!

Last night was the first meeting of our much-anticipated book club. I have wanted to be in a book club pretty much my whole life and while I've attended a meeting or two here and there they've never lived up to the hype. This one did!

A nicely balanced group of good friends and friends of friends, a steady flow of wine, all kids at home with our husbands, and a full evening of lively conversation, some of which was centered on a good book -- I loved every minute.

Our debut selection was "Water for Elephants" and I thought it was a great choice -- an easy read, but well-written. I had not read it until it was "assigned" for the club. Once again, my prejudice against unappealing titles (and covers) almost made me miss a good book (e.g., "The Stone Diaries," "Anna Karenina").

Now that I think about it, my bookshelves display some reverse discrimination as well -- books I bought because their titles (or covers) (or authors' reputation) made me want to read them and like them, but I just can't and don't (e.g., "A Prayer for Owen Meany," Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All").

Incidentally, I was grateful Matt found me a used copy of "Water for Elephants," because I am opposed to owning the new version with Reese Witherspoon and the creepy "Twilight" guy on the cover. I want to see the movie, but not on the front of my book. Come on.

On the subject of books, I did finally finish "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" that was so highly recommended by pretty much the whole world. I did not like it at all, and if it were any other book I would have quit two chapters in. But everyone kept telling me to persevere, that it had a slow start but eventually I wouldn't be able to put it down. I read the whole thing. It just didn't do it for me.

What books have pleasantly (or unpleasantly) surprised you?


Jason said...

Man, I missed it... haha, maybe I'll catch the next one. What is the next book?

Kylie said...

Just started reading (and by reading I mean listening to on audio tape to use my time in the car efficiently - ha!) Water for Elephants. It's a slow start for me, I'm hopeful it's going to get better :)

Renee said...

I just bought this book at the Springfest book fair for a dollar! Will begin tonight :)

Jennifer Kirby said...

Kallie -- I'm pretty sure 1-week-old twin girls grant you an excused absence! :) The next book is TBD by Kristen (who's the next host).

Kylie -- I hope it does get better for you! I wish I could listen to books on tape but the few times I've tried the readers' voices annoyed me too much.

Renee -- Good deal! Wish we'd run into y'all at Springfest. :)

Anonymous said...

Water for Elephants is the first book our book club read a couple years ago. We had some we loved, and some we only read because we "had" to.

On an unrelated note, your new blog background is so fun!

Kylie said...

Since I last posted I read (Iistened to) a new book... Rob Lowe's "Stories I Only Tell My Friends". I really really liked it! It is his memoir that follows his childhood and experience with The Outsiders - to his alcoholism, etc. He's led a surprisingly interesting life. Probably not for everyone, but I was taken in by it and still thinking about it 2 days later.