Monday, April 18, 2011

And happy birthday, Bri!

First of all, happy birthday to sweet Bri! She turns 2 today but the big celebration was a couple of weeks ago so Stephen's family from Georgia could be here for it. I actually took pictures but Matt has the camera so I won't upload them right now. (I also have a video of Claire singing "Happy Birthday" to Bri, but it's on the same camera.)

Other fun and not-as-fun happenings of late:

- We got a swing set for Claire. This was awhile ago, right before our New York trip. There are all kinds of elaborate (and pricey) swing sets out there, but the thought of paying up to $4,000 for one is mind-boggling. Matt had been keeping an eye out on Craigslist and we were hoping to get one for a few hundred, when one of the other Mom's Morning Out moms sent out an email offering hers for $50. It is not one of the fancy ones with a clubhouse and sandbox and rock-climbing walls, but it has a slide, two swings, a glider and a swinging pull-up bar -- and it was already assembled. For $50 we didn't even think twice.

- Stoneybrook was a couple of weekends ago (the same day as Bri's party) and I have to acknowledge that it was a disappointment. One problem was that it was colder than expected, like 55 instead of 75, so everyone was underdressed and chilly. It was bearable for the adults, but Claire was pretty miserable in a skirt and shirt. Thankfully we threw in a sweater at the last minute so she did have that. The worst part is that that night, when we were back home and unpacking, I found a long-sleeved shirt and leggings in her bag -- her extra MMO outfit. THAT was frustrating. The extra layer would have made a huge difference and it was about a foot away from me all day.

The second problem was that Evan could not fall asleep amid all the distractions (and coldness, and without his crib) and if there's one thing he can't handle, it's being overtired. Matt did eventually lull him to sleep for a short nap and things improved a little after that. Still, the day was just exhausting. I am used to things that used to be 100 percent fun being about 50/50 fun and work now that we have kids, and that's fine with me. But Stoneybrook was about 100 percent work. We'll try again next year.

- Those skinny jeans I got at H&M in New York? They mega-ripped after three wears and two washes. We're talking a one-foot tear from the butt almost to the back of the knees. Thank goodness it happened while I was in my closet (bending down to put on shoes) instead of almost anywhere else. Of course I wrote a letter to H&M. I don't expect inexpensive jeans to last forever but they shouldn't be disposable.

I'm going to cut this short to go hang out with the Claire -- sounds like her nap is over. Sometime in the near future I'll try to post pictures of some of these events (but not the ripped jeans).

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Brooke and Johnathan said...

Speaking of Stoneybrook, I have Claire's sippy cup and a book that was left there! If it is her favorite book I will bring it by one night this week... if not, I will keep it until we see each other again, or give it to Carrie to give to you. Just let me know.