Saturday, November 13, 2010

He's here!

Sorry to leave you hanging. Evan was born just a few hours after that last post (Nov. 5, 5:41 p.m., 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20.5 inches). Labor got off to a sort of slow start but once things started rolling it all happened very fast and I am so incredibly thankful for an easy, uncomplicated, practically pain-free delivery! From start to finish, it could not have been more different from Claire's birth story. I'll post the play-by-play sometime soon on Evan's blog.

The last week has been a blur. Overall, it's been a heck of a lot better than our first week with Claire. Dealing with Evan is no big deal, except for handling the lack of sleep. With Claire, I was a total novice about everything from breastfeeding to changing diapers to soothing her. Now, even though I've already forgotten some of the details, I'm a lot more comfortable and confident kind of playing it by ear -- which makes a huge difference.

According to Mom and Dad, who kept Claire last Friday and Saturday while we were at the hospital, Claire was pretty much perfect the whole time, so we didn't know what to make of it when she was a total basket case Sunday and Monday -- whiny, clingy, demanding, and waking up around 5 a.m. Finally we realized that the time change was to blame. Who knew one little hour could make such a difference? Gradually she's gotten back on track and now she's more or less back to her usual 12 hours at night plus an afternoon nap, resulting in a much better disposition. Thank the Lord.

I have hardly been online at all -- anytime at least one baby's asleep, Matt's been handling the other one so I can nap (no word yet on how I'll survive when he goes back to work) -- so I owe a ton of people emails. I mention that here only because a lot of the people I owe read this blog. I promise to respond ASAP!

Matt just got back from a run so I'm going to take advantage of the chance to take a shower. Thanks to everyone who's helped fill our fridge with good food and our house with gorgeous flowers and our inboxes with sweet messages. Can't wait to introduce all of you to Evan!

P.S. We do have a few pictures, but I haven't gotten them off of our camera yet. Check out Dad's blog if you don't want to wait.


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Yea! I have been waiting for this post to get some more details! Been thinking about you guys, and we can't wait to meet the new little guy! Hang in there, you'll find your routine with 2 pretty fast....