Friday, August 27, 2010

Done with 101

Today is Aug. 27 and that means Aug. 25 has come and gone and that means my stupid 101-things project is OVER (if not complete). Thank goodness. I don't even feel bad about how many items I left undone because so many of them I just don't care about anymore.

Learning to play the piano is a nice idea but so not a priority in my life right now. Maybe if one of our kids has an interest I'll sit in on lessons. Going vegetarian for two weeks must have seemed like a good idea in November 2007 but every time I considered doing it in the past 1,001 days it seemed tragic. I love eating meat! Blogging about 10 random Wikipedia articles -- why? Et cetera.


I don't remember if I mentioned a while back that I found a box of old books at the dump. I had no idea if they were old and valuable or only old. Last week I finally got around to taking them to a rare-books shop in town. The rather rude proprieter flipped through the box for about seven seconds then told me they were trash. I said, "So I should just sell them at a yard sale?" He snorted and said, "If you can sell them at a yard sale." (I thought, "You don't know much about yard salers.")

His confidence that the books were worthless inspired me to list them on eBay last night and this morning, and so far I'm up $19. Booyah!


Amanda said...

Awesome!! I used to sell tons of books on ebay in Charleston. For some reason I quit selling them when we moved here... now I just take them to Fifi's. (I highly doubt most of the books I am discarding would bring in any money on ebay actually!)

That is great!

r8chel said...

I remember when my 1001 days came to an end. I was so relieved. There were so many things on my list that I just didn't care about doing AT ALL. Ever! I'm glad I did the things I did, of course, but I also found the project to be an interesting exercise in seeing just how much my interests and priorities changed during those 1001 days. So I'm glad you're officially free from your self-imposed goals. :) I totally understand the feeling!!

Tracey Garner said...

Bought a book at the library sale that someone donated for 50 cents. Sold it on Ebay for $56...yes $56.