Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 things

[This is old news now. I started writing this about two weeks ago but forgot to finish or post.]

One of the mirrors I've blogged about before, the one I bought for next to nothing at a Goodwill and then Terry helped me faux finish (it was the first thing I ever painted), is in another Etsy treasury. This one's theme is "In the future." Very cool, but I wish someone would buy the thing!----------

[Back to the present.] I don't pay much attention to my blog stats, but I have noticed recently that by far the No. 1 post strangers land on is this one (click here). I could not figure out why until I typed "poison ivy hand" into Google's Images search.

A disgusting first impression, but kind of funny.


Congratulations to Meg and Drew on their new(est) baby, Sam! One babysitter is NOT going to suffice for our Bible study next year. We've produced three babies in the past month.

Anyone who's involved in a group effort to make meals for people who have just had babies (or are sick, etc.) should check out FoodTidings.com. This is a great site that simplifies and streamlines the scheduling process -- highly recommended.


r8chel said...

TakeThemAMeal.com is also a great site!

Anonymous said...

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