Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Wow, you guys are really generous! And apparently I do know several people who drive a stick shift. Thanks for all the offers on that one. I'm going to go with Amanda (and Stephen). More than anyone else, they can't stop being my friend if I ruin their transmission (I won't!).

If you didn't leave a comment on the last post, feel free to skip the rest of this:

Brooke -- Thank you! I do not have a sewing machine, which is part of my problem. But if I knew how to hem I would buy one. Would you be able to help me pick out a cheap but decent one?

Gail -- I would LOVE your recommendations on banned books! I don't know why I don't ask you for book recommendations more often! (Is that something you like to do, or is it the equivalent of a doctor having to look at the mole on a friend's butt?) I've already read "The Bluest Eye," "The Catcher in the Rye" and "Animal Farm," so I just need two more.

Amanda -- Sandhills Farm to Table is a good idea. Today's box was my favorite yet -- peaches, onions, tomatoes, squash, corn, cucumbers, lettuce and some exotic cabbage variation, which I traded for more squash. And I watched the video on gift wrapping. Melissa is helping me with this too, and Matt thinks I'm qualified to check it off my list. I want to get better at bows and then I will.

Kate -- That is actually very helpful! Thank you! (I like the 9's too.)

Lauren W. -- That recipe looks really promising! I can't believe it has so many reviews and still five stars. I know I'm going to have trouble with the dough rising -- that's always my issue. Someone (Sallie? Maegan?) suggested letting it rise in the attic, so maybe I'll try that with this recipe. Also, you know I want to visit you in Omaha, but it's probably not going to happen before Aug. 25.

Libba -- Thank you for the offer! We need to make a coffee date for sometime soon.

Rachel -- That does not sound terribly annoying, but unfortunately I've already given up on that one. I meant to do it every month of the 1,001 days, and I lasted maybe a year. It's too late to fulfill it now. Thank you for offering, though! Hope your habit sticks better than mine did.

Claire's up and ready to play, so I'm off. Thanks again to all of you!


Amanda said...

The attic is definitely the place for rising dough. I usually have to wait until at least 10am on a non-rainy day to make sure it really is warm enough up there. And I usually let it sit a bit longer than what the recipe says. Even though my dough rises, the final outcome still isn't exactly what I'm looking for (Golden Corral). I definitely don't mind testing a bunch of recipes though!

Jennifer Kirby said...

So you were the one with the attic idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! It's sad that the only thing I could help with is something you've already given up on.

Will you be secretly relieved when the project is over? I know I was... even though I totally enjoyed it.

Amanda said...

I'm not taking credit for the attic idea because I'm not positive I told you about it. I will confirm that it works for me though!

lauren said...

Okay, not knocking the attic idea, because I think it will work... however, that's a lot of effort. However, in a recent bread making experience... I turned the oven on for about 15 seconds, turn it off and then put the bread in there (cover the bowl with a damp dish towel) and let rise for a couple of hours, or however long the recipe calls for. It worked fabulously!!! Just remember--- take the bread OUT of the oven before preheating... and seriously, it only takes about 10 seconds to get it warm enough, and then there is NO draft!