Friday, April 2, 2010

No joke

I was going to write this post yesterday but since it was April Fool's Day and all I didn't want to confuse anyone. Because I am actually serious when I say Claire's going to have a little brother or sister sometime around Nov. 1!

Naturally, I started another blog to document this event. But judging from the amount I've written so far, I don't know how long it will last. Anyway:

Claire and the newbie will be right at 16 months apart, and with Amanda and Stephen's two, Mom and Dad will have four grandbabies under about 19 months , if my math is right. I love the thought of big, bustling households and cousins who are best friends. Bring it on!

Happy Good Friday!

P.S. If I ever have another opportunity to announce my pregnancy to my grandparents on April Fool's Day, and decide it would be a good idea to tell them I'm having twins, someone remind me not to do that. It was much funnier in my head, and then not fun at all to tell them I was kidding. Kind of like the time Carrie fell for the fake lottery tickets. Sorry, Granny, Granddaddy and Carrie!


Ally said...

Wonderful news!! Congratulations! I'll bet these four are going to be so close and have a lot of fun together.

r8chel said...

Congratulations! What exciting news!!!

Tracey Garner said...

Congrats to you and Matt!! I look forward to reading your other blog as well.

Brooke and Johnathan said...

Announcing it on April Fool's Day would have been hilarious!

Congratulations... I am so happy for you and Matt!!!

Kylie said...


Gail said...

I want to hear the story about telling Granny and Granddaddy!
I'm glad the news is out. I am so excited about two more babies.

EmWalker said...

CONGRATS JEN!!! This is so exciting!!! Claire and the new baby are going to be SO cute together!