Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catch up

I only have about five minutes to write before I have to get Claire ready to go meet Libba for coffee. I have a feeling this will be one of Libba's last coffee dates for a while because her baby is due to arrive any day! The last time I went out with her, actually, my water broke about four hours after I got home, so ... if the same thing happens to her, we'll have to explore whether we somehow induce labor in each other.

Matt and I were at the beach for four days for his birthday, with no Internet access except for a quick email check at a coffee shop one day. When we got back I had more legitimate email than you would ever expect an unemployed person to receive. I'm still going through them to give more than one-sentence replies, so if I haven't written you back yet, it is probably coming today.

We finally decorated for Christmas last night. Our procrastination got kicked in the butt by the fact that our small group's Christmas party is here tonight.

I haven't been sticking with my "daily giveaway" but yesterday I did give a guy in front of me in the Lowe's Foods line a coupon for two Sunkist two-liters, which he was buying. I was never going to use it. He looked at me like I was weird but he took it and got $1 off.

Time to go!


Anonymous said...

Lowe's sells soda?!

Ken Loyd said...

The OTHER Lowe's, r8chel. And Jennifer, I thought I'd be without the Internet longer than you--but I was wrong. Here I am. Love ya. It was great to talk to Claire. Thanks to you and Mom.

jennifer said...

Thanks for clarifying on my behalf, Dad ... yes, I meant Lowe's Foods, Rachel, and the post has been amended accordingly. :) But I'd be surprised if Lowe's Home Improvement doesn't sell cokes too. They seem to sell everything.