Friday, November 6, 2009

Rounds 2.5 and 3

Last night after dinner we ran by Harris Teeter so I could use seven more coupons for my daily total of 20. He stayed in the car with Claire while I got:

Viva Big Roll paper towels, three rolls FREE
Clorox toilet-bowl cleaner, $.79
Skippy peanut butter, two at $1.59 each
Comet cleaner, $.14

Spent $4.53, saved $12.42.

Claire and I went back this morning and everything except the Suave deodorant and lotion and the Hormel pepperoni was restocked. Today we got:

Heinz ketchup (finally!), two FREE
Betty Crocker pouch potatoes, FREE
Windex, $.34
Joy dish soap, two for $.09
Clorox toilet-bowl cleaner, two at $.79 each
Comet cleaner, two at $.14 each
Argo baking powder, $.69
Harris Teeter sugar, 5 pounds, $.99

I just realized the numbers don't add up -- this should have been $4.06 plus tax, but according to my receipt, after tax I paid $5.65 and saved $18.44. Maybe I missed a coupon or got the wrong size of something. Or maybe my math's just bad (I haven't had my coffee yet). Anyway, no complaints here.


Ally said...

Can't beat free! Happy Friday!

Amanda said...

You're awesome! I guess now you know how I felt yesterday when I realized I had forgotten to use my Carnation coupon. At least I got two of the small ones so they were only $0.69 each! It's really disappointing though.

Kudos on all the free Vivas! I only had two of the 0.85 coupons this time. Boo.

Sallie said...

Sounds like you're hooked. I'm still not sold I could do it! Miss you guys!