Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elevenish too many

Maybe a year ago I blogged about having too many blogs. At the time it was, I think, seven (mostly inactive). That was nuts.

Just now, as I was logging in to write, I realized that the current count is TWELVE. What the what?! (As Liz Lemon would say.)

- this blog
- baby blog (merged with this blog)
- round 1 of small-group blog (before I decided to use Blogger instead)
- round 2 of small-group blog (before I abandoned it for email updates)
- short-lived NaNovWriMo 2008 attempt
- one at that I just started, I guess, to claim the name. I've never posted to it.
- Dad's retirement party blog
- classified
- journalism portfolio
- 2009 photo blog (fell by the wayside)
- blog I semi-started one day when I thought it would be fun to sell furniture I painted online

I could easily add at least three more -- a running journal, a recipe blog and a blog focused on my 101-things list -- if I were less lazy and didn't already spend too much time on the computer.

This should clear up any lingering confusion about whether I'm a dork.


Brooke and Johnathan said...

Once you're hooked, you're hooked... I started a new blog full of my favorite pictures and bible verses. You can get to the blog by clicking on the black & white picture on my homesweethome blog. :)

Kaitlin said...

oooh, classified. fun!

Ken Loyd said...

There's got to be some word for this besides "dork."