Friday, April 17, 2009


a) Yesterday I FINALLY got to meet Noah Thomas Burns! Melissa, Rebekah, Noah and I had lunch and I ate as fast as I could so I could hold him the rest of the time. He has great features, the softest skin I've ever felt and a very mellow personality.
In the "only Melissa" category: Last week she called the pediatrician to make Noah's two-week appointment, and when the receptionist asked for the baby's name Melissa could not think of it. She said she sat and stared at him as the receptionist waited, and it just would not come to her; she was about to walk into his nursery and flip through his cards to jog her memory. Finally she remembered.

Next question: "What's his birthday?" She said she thought, "Woman, I just remembered his name! What do you WANT from me?" Finally she came up with that too (March 30). I know it doesn't sound that funny here, but hearing her tell it was hilarious.

b) Here are some Turks and Caicos pictures (thanks to Carrie). This is only a tiny sampling.

c) And here are a few Loco Ocho pictures (thanks to Lauren R.). If you think we look bad, you should have smelled us!

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Ally said...

The beach photos are awesome and totally make me long for some time in the sand and sun. Nice tan too.