Friday, March 27, 2009


Thanks to everyone for the input (via the blog, over email and in person) on the "court" case. Matt's final decision was that "no bracket should be changed under any circumstances once the tourney starts ... it can only cause trouble." I liked Ally's idea of including a disclaimer to that effect in next year's invite email. Anyway, I'm glad that's over and that everyone's still friends. :)

Tomorrow Lauren R., Stephen, Jacob and I are running the Loco Ocho trail run in the Uwharrie National Forest. I've never run it because it's about 45 minutes away, but I'm really looking forward to it (great trails, gorgeous scenery, cool T-shirt). It's been raining off and on for three days so I'm sure it will be a total mudslide. Don't worry, Mom, Granny, Terry and other concerned people, this is one race I don't plan to "race" because I am not going to risk falling. Although I do want to go at a decent pace because otherwise eight miles would just take too long to finish.

I ran on the treadmill one day this week and found out after I started that something was wrong with the TV. I thought I would die of boredom. I think I made it 25 minutes. Running outside is totally different. I think treadmills promote a special kind of mental endurance.

Speaking of endurance, I had my two most recent cavities filled yesterday. They got me totally numb and it was not bad at all, except for the bill, of course. And the lingering taste of burnt tooth in my mouth. Yum.

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