Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Junk drawer

Tomorrow Matt and I are heading off on a little road trip through northeastern North Carolina. Despite having lived in North Carolina all our lives, neither of us has spent any time in that part of the state. I've never even been to Greenville. It's a work trip, but really he'll be working and I'm going along just for fun -- just the way I like it. :)

A week from today will be the second anniversary of Mom's liver transplant. We're definitely going to celebrate, but I don't know how yet. I guess that should be up to Mom. (Maybe it would be a good excuse to splurge on dinner at 195?) It also would be a good time for me to finally write that letter to the family of her liver donor. Maybe I'll work on that while we're on the road.

This morning I visited Sandhills Children's Center in preparation for the United Way review and allocations process (Lauren G., I saw London, but only through a window -- cute dress!) and we saw a tiny, absolutely adorable 14-month-old boy who's waiting for a kidney transplant. He can't have one yet because he doesn't weigh enough. Mom always said she would not want to work in pediatrics, and things like that make me understand why.

I am in crisis about what to give up for Lent this year. Typically I give up caffeine and since I'm pregnant that would be more appropriate than ever this year. But I am entirely unwilling and I don't understand why! It almost makes me feel like I am actually addicted to Coke. I would give anything for water to taste like Coke.

I'm running out of time to decide what to do (only about eight hours to go), so suggestions would be welcome. How lame would it be to limit myself to one Coke a day for the duration of Lent? Would that even count as a sacrifice? Where is my willpower?

Props to Lauren R. for superhuman self-discipline. She gave up French fries, her favorite food, about three years ago and hasn't eaten them since (except for fish and chips in a London pub once -- obviously a legitimate exception). Every time I think about that I'm amazed.

OK, I'm out. I'll probably blog from the road.


Ally said...

I need Lent help too! I have cut out sodas and most caffeine since the end of December, so that's out. I've done chocolate before, but I'd like to give up something different. One of my friends is considering giving up Facebook. I thought about giving up IM, but I don't really do it all that much. Oh well, good luck. I gotta think fast too.

Kaitlin said...

I'm giving up facebook for Lent since it is becoming a habit to check everyday and i think that's ridiculous.