Monday, January 26, 2009

Ketchup (as Amanda would say)

Days are flying by too fast for me to keep up! Last Thursday and Friday were payback for the lazy snow days at the beginning of last week. Thursday especially was exhausting -- it started early with a United Way meeting, I spent the day showing houses in three corners of the county, and in the evening we went to the United Way's annual Cornerstone Award banquet. By that point I really could have used a glass of wine.

(I think I need lessons in small talk or something. I'm not sure if it's simply that I'm bad at it or that I hate it so much I don't care to give it much effort. It definitely doesn't flow naturally for me. I have some friends who could talk to a wall -- care to share tips? Maegan? Joy? Lib? I'm listening.)

Friday I got to have not only breakfast with Mom but lunch with Amanda but when I was at the office I sent out a ton of "letters of interest" looking for extra editing work. There are plenty of small magazines out there that could really use a good editor, and I'd love to jump in; the problem is, the worst offenders don't realize the magnitude of their problem and so will probably never call me back.

That evening we got home just as Sallie, Steven and Sadie were arriving. They usually stay with us the weekend that his company's annual retreat/banquet/whatever is held in Pinehurst; I cannot believe it's already been a year since the last one.

Sadie is an absolute charmer. I did not take as many pictures as last year, but still got some good ones. The girl has some energy -- not to mention a shoe fetish (she clomped around the house in Sallie's shoes after Saturday night's dinner) and a tendency to strip down (which is why she has to wear her pajamas backwards: Without access to the zipper, she can't take off her diaper). She was totally delightful. We love the whole Harrell family and can't wait to meet baby Eli in a couple of months!


BDish said...

I agree about small talk. I went to 2 parties last weekend and was going to scream if someone asked me again, "What do you do,where are you from and are you dating anyone special?" blahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

I agree. Depending on the situation, trying to make small talk can be painful...