Monday, November 24, 2008

Derelict in my duties

Happy Monday, all you people out there. Sorry I've been an absentee blogger lately. Don't worry, there's good stuff in the works. I mean it this time.

When I last wrote I was cold and that's still my status. I realize that it is winter (although not technically) but I don't like being this cold. I did wake up and run in the Turkey Trot 10k Saturday morning (24 degrees). I didn't have a great run but I did win my age group. For my efforts I received what I think is an insulated lunchbox and what everyone else says is a beer cooler. Either way, pretty useless to me. But better than a fanny pack, which is what it looked like from a distance.

Saturday night we went to Wendi's birthday party and it was fun to hang out with a bunch of CrossFit people who we usually see only at the gym. It never ceases to amaze me how different everyone looks when they're all cleaned up. At the end of the night we played Pictionary, girls versus guys, and that was awesome. Some interesting conversation that night, too.

Speaking of CrossFit, look what showed up on the CF website:This morning was the ultrasound that revealed the sex of Amanda and Stephen's baby (!!!). It's not easy but I'll refrain from announcing whether it's a boy or a girl until she posts on her blog -- hopefully with pictures.

I'm having a hard time staying in work mode today. I have two stories due on Jan. 15 that I really ought to get cracking on so they aren't hanging over my head during Christmas, but it feels like this whole week is a holiday. Anybody feel my pain?

Riley picture of the day

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Amanda said...

I love that picture! When we have nursery at church, I always feed the babies in that position because then I can just stroke their heads while they're feeding themselves :) That's so adorable!!