Thursday, October 2, 2008

This week: 13 thoughts

1. I am so distracted right now. You never know what a day will bring!
2. This week, the very first buyer I ever started working with, after seeing many, many dozens of homes over the course of four years, went under contract.
3. The closing date is June 1, 2009, which is, I suppose, only appropriate (he doesn't do anything fast).
4. On the bright side, he makes more money now than he did four years ago and the house he's buying costs almost double what he could afford back then.
5. I can't wait for the VP debate tonight.
6. I can't look at Sarah Palin without seeing Tina Fey.
7. We had renters move out of our rental house Tuesday night and new people are moving in on Saturday and there's a lot of work to be done before then.
8. I smell like Clorox Cleanup, maybe permanently.
9. I am inept with hedge clippers.
10. I love this weather and sleeping with the windows wide open!
11. Lib became an aunt this morning! Congratulations!
12. Our small group has a different dynamic this year and I love it. (Loved it the old way too.)
13. Debate time! Better blogging soon. This one is mainly because of Lauren R.'s gentle guilt trip. :)


Meg said...

Just in case you missed it on Saturday night:

Check out Palin/Hillary and VP Debate... both are pretty funny!

jennifer said...

Yeah, I actually thought the Palin/Hillary debate was the best. I wonder how long they'll keep having Tina Fey on. She is a dead ringer.