Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Make it so

It's been one of those weeks where I can't stand sitting in an office. Other than Melissa and Thomas' closing tomorrow or Friday, nothing is in the works real-estate-wise. So yesterday morning I stayed home until lunchtime and thoroughly cleaned the house. We're having a cookout for Bible study peeps here tonight and that was a good excuse. Today I came home after lunch and have been sending out cover letters and clips to some local and semi-local publishers.

I really wish I could just duplicate what I do for this one local magazine for a half-dozen others. That would let me focus on editing, throw some writing in the mix, and do it all from home and on my own schedule. And it would bring in enough income to not get rich but to at least justify keeping doing that.

If that can't happen, I wish someone would pay me to blog. Meanwhile, I'm doing tons of customer-satisfaction surveys for chances to win cash.

Carrie has not had her baby yet despite an extended workout at the gym last night. It's not even her due date, but it feels overdue since we all expected Riley to appear as soon as Carrie went off of bedrest. I wonder how long it will be before she resorts to castor oil. Melissa was beside herself with a three-weeks-overdue baby in August 2002, and she drank castor oil on her grandmother's recommendation, and Trevor was born six hours later. (Since then I've Wikipediaed it and apparently it's not necessarily so great for the baby, so I'm not advocating that.)

Speaking of Melissa, I learned something else about her today. The reason she doesn't like cats is that when she was a little girl she found two kittens in her yard, took them to bed with her and accidentally smothered them, and she's been scarred ever since. Just another chapter for the book I am seriously going to write about her life one day.


Libba Lemon said...

I am forever waiting for your Mel book! Per our conversation Saturday, I am crazy about that girl.

Keep me posted on Carrie! I've heard good things about acupressure to induce labor, but I don't know the exact spots. Also, my crazy chiropractor induces labor all the time, might we worth looking into.

jennifer said...

Your chiropractor induces labor on purpose or accidentally?